Do you crave to be confident in your unique lettering style but can't stop comparing to others?

I've been there. I started lettering as a way to remind myself how to be happy. But pretty soon I realized that I wasn't actually an artist. My lettering wasn't as good as others. The comparison monster had creeped in.

I noticed many others were feeling the same thing as me. I didn't like the feeling. So I came up with a process to create a confident style that was unique to me. I shared this process in my book Fearless Lettering and it was amazing to see how much it helped people (including me)!

But there were still questions and things I needed to go more in depth on. That's when I decided to create Your Confident Lettering Style course. It's basically EVERYTHING I've ever learned about creating confidence in my lettering style.

Join me in creating confidence, one letter at a time.

"Thank you so much for putting this course together! I love calligraphy, but I've struggled with being confident in my lettering. I tend to see the flaws in my lettering and compare it to everyone else's lettering. This course has helped me to feel more confident in using my own style and has helped me to stop pointing out the flaws in my own lettering. Once again, thank you so much!"

-Kaelyn (after taking the mini course)

This self-led course is for you if:

  • You have ever compared your lettering to someone.
  • You feel like you're not good enough.
  • You want to gain confidence in lettering and life.
  • You want a unique lettering style.
  • You want to learn my process of creating a confident lettering style.
  • You are a beginner to intermediate.
  • You feel like you'll never measure up to the "good" letterers.

This self-led course is NOT for you if:

  • You like copying others.
  • You want to learn my style and only stick with the same practice sheets.
  • You want someone to tell you what your style is.
  • You don't want to branch out and learn something new.
  • You're afraid to try new things.

"Thank you so much for this course. It’s truly unique. Unlike other courses where I just have to keep practicing their methods over and over, you really helped me burst out of that bubble and try something new, out of my comfort zone, to end up with something I can call my own (even if it isn’t perfect!). I will be recommending this course to everyone I know! Thank you so much Sarah!"

-Katherine @thecalligrakat (after taking the mini course)

Taught by Sarah Ensign from Ensign Insights

Hey! I'm Sarah, a hand lettering artist and ice cream connoisseur. I started hand lettering in 2016 during a difficult time and it became a form of therapy. It brought so much joy back into my life. I started Ensign Insights as a way to share that joy with others. Hand lettering has given me confidence in many aspects of my life and I'm passionate about helping others feel that confidence in their own lettering and life.

I love making new friends so I'm glad you're here! Join me in this course as we overcome the comparison monster and create confidence in our unique lettering.


Module 1: Hand Lettering Basics
Building your foundation!
Lesson 1: Basic Lettering Definitions and Terms
Lesson 2: Fauxligraphy
Lesson 3: The Basic Rules
Lesson 4: Lettering Tools
Lesson 5: Basic Brush Lettering
Module 2: Your Story and Inspiration
Your "why" in lettering.
Lesson 1: Exploring Your Story
Lesson 2: Creating Your Inspiration Board

Module 3: Breaking the Rules
You know the rules, let's break them!
Lesson 1: The Magic Midline
Lesson 2: The Cheat Sheet
Lesson 3: Bouncy Lettering
Lesson 4: Flourishes

Module 4: Creating Letters and Alphabets
Your style is all about you!
Lesson 1: How to Create Letters
Lesson 2: How to Create Alphabets

Module 5: Creating Words by Connecting Letters
Bringing it all together!
Lesson 1: Connection Basics
Lesson 2: How to Connect ANY Letter
Lesson 3: Connecting Letters to Create Words

Module 6: Creating Compositions in Your Style
It's all about how you put it together.
Lesson 1: Composition Basics
Lesson 2: Exploring Composition
Lesson 3: Creating Unique Compositions

Module 7: Creating in Color
Color DOES affect your style!
Lesson 1: Basic Color Theory
Lesson 2: Exploring Color
Lesson 3: Creating Your Color Style

Module 8: Creating Confidence
How to maintain your confident style.
Lesson 1: How to Gain Confidence
Lesson 2: Confidence Exercises

Your Confident Lettering Style $110

  • 36 video lessons
  • 8 workbooks with 50+ pages of printable worksheets and exercises
  • A self-paced dashboard you can access at anytime
  • The process I continually use to create confidence in my style
  • Lifetime access- all future updates and bonuses at no extra cost!
  • Instant access